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Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
Welcome to the Pride and Prejudice community! This is a place to talk about Pride and Prejudice, either the book, or any of the movie versions (of course, the founders are partial to the 1995 A&E/BBC version). Post as often as you like--here we can indulge in our obsession with other supportive addicts without worry of judgement by the mundane who just don't get it.

Also be sure to check out the memories for lots of icons, screencaps, sequel recommendations, games, and more.

Members: if you post icons and caps, they will automatically be entered into the memories. If you don't want this to happen to your post, message me and it won't be archived.

Important Note: Do you have a class assignment that involves Pride and Prejudice? Need to expand upon the differences between Rosings and Pemberley or comment on the pros and cons of Austen's feminism in 5000 words or less? We absolutely welcome your questions and discussion. We're happy to give you ideas to work off of or clear up something you don't understand. However, under no circumstance will we do your homework for you. Haven't read the book and need to write a book report? Tough. It'll take you maybe a day to read it, so read it. We will not give you answers if it's obvious you don't want to do your own work. And we have many teachers and students here, so don't think we can't recognize a cheater. ;)


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